Archive of Teachings

Ven. Geshe Sangey Thinley fondly known as Geshe-la is a highly qualified Tibetan master and professor of Buddhist Philosophy.  It has been the centre’s great privilege to have been under Geshe-la’s wisdom, compassion and guidance, as our resident spiritual teacher since October 1999.  Geshe-la’s classes are based on classical and ancient Buddhists texts on which he teaches and gives commentary in Tibetan, which is translated into English through a translator.

Geshe-la’s teachings give wonderful insights, advice and practical methods on how to deal with issues of daily life with tools to overcome challenges and develop a kind, patient and compassionate mind and heart.

During these treasured years with Geshe-la, his teachings have been recorded and we are currently editing these and will be posting them here so you also will be able to enjoy and benefit from his wisdom.